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Kiss é uma das maiores bandas de rock da História.
E uma das mais influentes.
O texto em inglês já fala muito...

Kiss is one of the greatest band in hard rock history.
Is one of the most influyents band ever.
They formed in '73 and released their debut album, KISS in '74 wich is one of the greatest of metal along with their second album, Hotter Than Hell released in '74 too.
The album Dressed To Kill will contain one of their most famous songs, Rock And Roll All Nite in '75. 1975 would be the year of Kiss' first live album named KISS Alive!. Then in '76 Destroyer would be the greatest production of Kiss contain Detroit Rock City among others. Also in '76 Kiss released Rock And Roll Over with the best hard rock ballad, Hard Luck Woman. Love Gun would become another great production and become one of the greatest albums of heavy metal. Then in '77 they released the second live album, KISS Alive II, and the next year their first compilation, Double Platinum. Then the members released their own solo albums but under Kiss name, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Paul Stanley all in '78. In '79 Kiss released Dynasty, the first album to include another genre besides hard rock, disco. Unmasked was their fisrt album of the '80s in May 20. In '81 Kiss released a concept album, Music From The Elder, and then in '82 the second compilation, Killers a 12 hits album. Creatures Of The Night was released in the same year, and then in the mid of '83 a heavy metal album, Lick It Up and the second in '84, Animalize and then a third one in '85, Asylum. Crazy Nights would be Kiss 'come back' album now that the other albums since '80 weren't so Kiss style, Crazy Nights sold over 1 million copies. Smashes, Trashes & Hits was released in '88 with 15 hits and in '89 Hot In The Shade where Kiss began to 'loose it', but a great heavy metal album was released in '92 with the track God Gave Rock N' Roll To You II, Revenge and the next year Alive III.
Kiss went 3 years withour any released and it was in March 12, '96 when MTV Unplugged came out after a tribute album, KISS My Ass in '94. After MTV Unplugged a live hits album was released, You Wanted The Best...You've Got The Best! and then Kiss released other compilations like Greatest KISS in '97 and then in '97 the last album before the original Kiss members reunion, Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions. Psycho Circus was the last studio album to date it was released in '98 and then continue to release more compilations; The Box Set in 2001, The Very Best Of KISS in 2002, a live album, Symphony: Alive IV in 2003 and a year later KISS Symphony: Alive IV (Single Disc Edition) that's a single disc edition from Symphony: Alive IV; The Millenium Collection in 2003 was followed by The Millenium Collection, Vol. 2 in 2004 and later the same year KISS Gold 1974-82 and finally the last Kiss album KISS chronicles in 2005.
Kiss was the most dominating band in the '70s and there is not a band that compares to them not even Aerosmith not even Def Leppard or Guns N' Roses, Kiss is the greatest hard rock band ever and there's no sign of another band like this one.
Studio albums [22]

Live Albums [6]

Compilations [12]

Tributes [1]

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