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The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Albuns

The Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
2- Baby Appeal
3- Buckle Down
4- Get Up and Jump
5- Why Don't You Love Me
6- Green Heaven
7- Mommy Where's Daddy
8- Out in L.A.
9- Police Helicoptor
10-You Always Sing
11-Grand Pappy Du Plenty

Freaky Styley:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- Jungle Man
2- Hollywood
3- American Ghost Dance
4- If You Want Me To Stay
5- Nevermind
6- Freaky Styley
7- Blackeyed Blond
8- The Brothers Cup
9- Battle Ship
10-Lovin' and Touchin'
1-Catholic School Girls Rule
12-Sex Rap
13-Thirty Dirty Birds
14-Yertle the Turtle

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- Fight Like A Brave
2- Funky Crime
3- Me & My Friends
4- Backwoods
5- Skinny Sweaty Man
6- Behind The Sun
7- Subterranean Homesick Blues
8- Special Secret Song Inside
9- No Chump Love Sucker
10-Walkin' On Down The Road
11-Love Trilogy
12-Organic Anti-Beat Box Band

Christmas Party '91:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Love Trilogy
2- Organic Anti Beat Box
3- Bullet Proof
4- Suck My Kiss
5- Black Eyed Blonde
6- Funky Crime
7- Give It Away
8- Nobody
9- If You Have To Ask
10-Stone Cold Bush (Rhcp & D.H.Peligro)
11-Blood Sugar Sex Magic
12-Magic Johnson
13-I Could Have Lied
14-Subway To Venus
15-Funky Time Sequel - Party On Your Pussy - Me And My Friends
16-Yertle The Turtle
17-Crosstown Traffic (J.Hendrix)

The Abbey Road E.P.:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Fire
2- Backwoods
3- Catholic School Girls Rule
4- Hollywood (Africa)
5- True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

Mother's Milk:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Good Time Boys
2- Higher Ground
3- Subway To Venus
4- Magic Johnson
5- Nobody Weird Like Me
6- Knock Me Down
7- Taste The Pain
8- Stone Cold Bush
9- Fire
10-Pretty Little Ditty
11-Punk Rock Classic
12-Sexy Mexican Maid
13-Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky

Blood Sugar Sex Magik:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- The Power Of Equality
2- If You Have To Ask
3- Breaking The Girl
4- Funky Monks
5- Suck My Kiss
6- I Could Have Lied
7- Mellowship Slinky In B-Major
8- The Righteous & The Wicked
9- Give It Away
10-Blood Sugar Sex Magik
11-Under The Bridge
12-Naked In The Rain
13-Apache Rose Peacock
14-The Greeting Song
15-My Lovely Man
16-Sir Psycho Sexy
17-They're Red Hot

What Hits!?:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1-Show Me Your Soul

Out in L.A.:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- Higher Ground (12- Vocal Mix)
2- Hollywood (Africa) (Extended Dance Mix)
3- If You Want Me To Stay (Pink Mustang Mix)
4- Behind The Sun (Ben Grosse Remix)
5- Castles Made Of Sand (Live)
6- Special Secret Song Inside (Live)
7- F. U. (Live)
8- Get Up And Jump (Demo Version)
9- Out In L.A. (Demo Version)
10-Green Heaven (Demo Version)
11-Police Helicopter (Demo Version)
12-Nevermind (Demo Version)
13-Sex Rap (Demo Version)
14-Blues For Meister
15-You Always Sing The Same
17-Flea Fly
18-What It Is
19-Deck The Halls

Live Rare Remix Box:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]


1- Give It Away (Live)
2- Nobody Weird Like Me (Live)
3- Suck My Kiss (Live)
4- I Could Have Lied (Live)


1- Soul To Squeeze
2- Fela's Cock
3- Sikamikanico
4- Search And Destroy


1- Give It Away (12" Mix)
2- Give It Away (Rasta Mix)
3- If You Have To Ask (The Disco Krisco Mix)
4- If You Have To Ask (Scott & Garth Mix)
5- If You Have To Ask (The Friday Night Fever Blister Mix)

One Hot Minute:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- Warped
2- Aeroplane
3- Deep Kick
4- My Friends
5- Coffee Shop
6- Pea
7- One Big Mob
8- Walkabout
9- Tearjerker
10-One Hot Minute
11-Falling Into Grace
12-Shallow Be Thy Game

The Best Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Encoded 128Kbps [mp3]

1- Behind the Sun
2-Johnny, Kick a Hole In The Sky
3- Me & My Friends
4- Fire
5- True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
6- Higher Ground
7- Knock Me Down
8- Fight Like a Brave
9- Taste the Pain
10-If You Want Me To Stay

Under the Covers:

Encoded 128Kbps [mp3]

1- They're Red Hot
2- Fire
3- Subterranean Homesick Blues
4- Higher Ground
5- If You Wan Me To Stay
6- Why Don't You Love Me
7- Tiny Dancer (Live)
8- Castles Made Of Snad (Live)
9- Dr. Funkestein (Live)
10-Hollywood (Africa)
11-Search And Destroy
12-Higher Ground (Daddy O Mix)
13-Hollywood (Africa) (Extended Dance Mix)


Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- Around The World
2- Parallel Universe
3- Scar Tissue
4- Otherside
5- Get On Top
6- Californication
7- Easily
8- Porcelain
9- Emit Remmus
10-I Like Dirt
11-This Velvet Glove
13-Purple Stain
14-Right On Time
15-Road Trippin'

Single 2002:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- By The Way
2- Time
3- Teenager In Love
4- By The Way
5- Search And Destroy (Live)
6- What Is Soul (Live)

By The Way:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- By the Way
2- Universally Speaking
3- This Is The Place
4- Dosed
5- Don't Forget Me
6- The Zephyr Song
7- Can't Stop
8- I Could Die For You
9- Midnight
10-Throw Away Your Television
13-On Mercury
14-Minor Thing
15-Warm Tape
16-Venice Queen

Roskilde Festival (2002):

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- By The Way
2- Scar Tissue
3- Around The World
4- Other Side
5- Give It Away
6- Parallel Universe
7- Right On Time
8- I Could Have Lied
9- Cant Stop
10-Me And My Friends
11-Under The Bridge
12-The Power Of Equality

Greatest Hits:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- Under The Bridge
2- Give It Away
3- Californication
4- Scar Tissue
5- Soul To Squeeze

Live Western Forum City Los Angeles:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Intro
2- By the way
3- Scar Tissue
4- Around the World
5- Maybe
6- Universally Speaking
7- Latest Disgrace
8- Parallel Universe
9- I Feel Love
10-The Zephyr Song
11-Throw Away Your Television & Don+t You Ever Leave
12-Havana Affair
14-Purple Stain
15-Don+t Forget me
16-Right on Time
17-I could have lied
18-Can+t Stop
20-What is soul
21-Give it Away
22-Flea Trumpet Solo
23-Under The Bridge
24-Me and My Friends

Alternative Collection:

Encoded 128Kbps [mp3]

1- By The Way
2- Under The Bridge
3- Californication
4- Road Trippin
5- Give It Away
6- Desed
7- Otherside
8- Higher Ground
9- Backwoods
11-Knock Me Down
12-Suck Me Kiss
13-Taste The Pain
14-This Is The Place
15-Blood Sugar Sex Magic
16-Pretty Little Ditty
17-I Could Have Lied
18-My Friends
19-Universallt Speaking

Live At Slane Castle:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

Live in Hyde Park:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Intro
2- Throw Away Your Television
3- Can`t Stop
4- Leverage Of Space
5- Around The World
6- Purple Stain
7- Scar Tissue
8- Zephyr Song
9- By The Way
11-Fortune Faded
12-Right On Time
13-I Feel Love
14-Parallel Universe
17-Under The Bridge
18-Black Cross
19-Universally Speaking
20-Flea`s Trumpet Treated By John
21-Get On Top
23-Give It Away
24-Don`t Forget Me
25-Rolling Sly Stone

Snow (Hey Oh) Single:

Encoded 320Kbps [mp3]

1- Snow (Hey Oh)
2- Funny Face
3- I'll Be Your Domino

Ultimate Collection:

Encoded 192Kbps [mp3]

1- Get On Top
2- Higher Ground
3- Give it away
4- Knock Me Down
5- Suck my kiss
6- Taste The Pain
7- Scar Tissue
8- Under The Bridge
9- My Friends
11-Breaking The Girl
13-Around The World
15-Magic Johnson
16-Fight Like a Brave
17-The brothers cup
18-Road Trippin'

Tell Me Baby Single:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- Tell Me Baby
2- Tell Me Baby Single - Lyon 66.6.06
3- Tell Me Baby Single - Mercy Mercy

Stadium Arcadium:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

Disco 1:

1- Dani California
2- Snow (Hey Oh)
3- Charlie
4- Stadium Arcadium
5- Hump De Bump
6- She's Only 18
7- Slow Cheetah
8- Torture Me
9- Strip My Mind
10-Especially In Michigan
12-C'mon Girl
13-Wet Sand

Disco 2:

1- Desecration Smile
2- Tell Me Baby
3- Hard To Concentrate
4- 21st Century
5- She Looks To Me
6- Readymade
7- If
8- Made You Feel Better
9- Animal Bar
10-So Much I
11-Storm In A Teacup
12-We Believe
13-Turn It Again
14-Death Of A Martian

Hump de Bump:

Encoded 320Kbps VRB [mp3]

1- Hump De Bump
2- An Opening (Live)
3- Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik (Live)

Adoro essa banda, fui no show deles no Hollywood Rock, acho que em 1994, na mesma época que veio o Nirvana e o Alice In Chains p/ São Paulo. Achei isso tudo na net, p/ variar.

Love this band, i went to their concert in São Paulo, 1994 (I think so), at the same time Nirvana and Alice In Chain came too. I found everything at the net.

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