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Patti Smith - Live @ Germany 21-22/Apr/1979 (Bootleg)

(by velho)
Meu primeiro contato com o som da Patti Smith veio do fato dela ter sido esposa do Sonic Smith do MC5, depois é que fui saber que a música "Because the Night" era dela.
Hoje gosto muito e vejo na PJ Harvey uma continuação da Patti Smith, por isso gosto das duas.

My first contact with Patti Smith's music happened because she was Fred 'Sonic' Smith's wife (From the MC5), so, a little after I discovered that "Because the Night" were written by her.
Today I like her music so much, and I see at PJ Harvey's a follow up of Patti's work, that's why I adore both!

Grugahalle Essen, Germany, April 21/22, 1979
Genre: Bootleg -FM Broadcast

Patti Smith (g,cl,voc)
Lenny Kaye (g,voc)
Ivan Kral (b)
Jay Dee Daugherty (dr)
Richard "DNV" Sohl (keyb)

CD 1:
01 - Intro
02 - Rock'n'roll Star
03 - Hymn
04 - Rock'n'roll Nigger
05 - Privilege
06 - Dancing Barefoot
07 - Redondo Beach
08 - 25Th Floor
09 - Revenge
10 - 5-4-3-2-1-Wave
11 - Pumpin' My Heart

CD 2:
01 - Seven Ways Of Going
02 - Because The Night
03 - Frederic
04 - Jailhouse Rock
05 - Gloria
06 - My Generation

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