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Rory Gallagher - Live BBC

Rory Gallagher!!!
Comecei a gostar do som dele meio tarde (meio dos 80's), hoje respeito muito e sou fã, pena q se foi num transplante de fígado mal sucedido (Obrigado "Anônimo" pela correção via comentários). Tanta gente ruim para morrer e morre um anjo desses!

I started to hear his music so late (mid 80's) today I respect so much, and I'm fan too, he gone in a helicopter accident. So many bad people to die, and died a angel like this!







1973 - BBC Paris Theatre, London, 01 Feb 1973
from a boot called "BBC In Concert 1973"
1. Messin' With the Kid
2. Hands Off
(3. What In The World - officially available on "BBC Sessions", so not included here)
4. Walk On Hot Coals
5. Bankers Blues
6. Pistol Slapper Blues
7. Race The Breeze
8. Hands Off (bonus track from the 1973 Reading Festival)

1974 - Golders Green in London, 14 Apr 1974
from the boot "Calling Hard"
1. Messin' With the Kid
2. Cradle Rock
3. I Wonder Who
4. Tattoo'd Lady
5. Back On My Stomping Ground
6. Who's That Coming
7. Bullfrog Blues
(none of these appear on the official "BBC Sessions" release)

1977 - Hammersmith Odeon, 22 June 1977
from the boot "Calling Hard"
1. Do You Read Me
2. Secret Agent
3. Calling Card
4. Bought & Sold
5. Too Much Alcohol
6. Going To My Home Town
7. Souped Up Ford
8. Bullfrog Blues
(none of these appear on the official "BBC Sessions" release)

1979 - Middlesex Polytechnic, 15 May 1979
from the boot "BBC Live 1979"
tracks 2 through 8 also appear on the boot "Calling Hard"
1. Country Mile
2. Shin Kicker
3. Mississippi Sheiks
4. Do You Read Me
5. Brute Force and Ignorance
6. Tattoo'd Lady
7. Shadow Play
8. Cruise on Out
9. Bullfrog Blues
(none of these appear on the official "BBC Sessions" release)

1980 - The Venue, London, 20 September 1979
from the boot "BBC Live 1980"
which is identical to one called something like "Live at the Venue, 1979"
the show took place in Sept 1979 but may not have been broadcast until 1980
1. Last of the Independents
2. Keychain
3. Bought and Sold
4. Wayward Child
5. Mississippi Sheiks
6. Out On The Western Plain
7. As The Crow Flies
8. Do You Read Me
9. Philby
10. Hellcat
(11.Cruise On Out - appears on the official release "BBC Sessions" and so not included here)

3 Comentários:

Anonymous Anônimo disse...

Cara, quem morreu em um acidente de helicóptero foi Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory morreu em transplante de fígado mau sucedido.

29 de julho de 2007 17:23  
Blogger O Novo e o Velho disse...

obrigado ;)

1 de agosto de 2007 13:44  
Anonymous RocDoc disse...

even tho i don't understand portuguese, i could see that someone straightened out the non-helicoptr nature of how rory died at 46 years old...

THIS is one of the greatest posts of rory material i've ever seen.

the quality superb.

i thank VERY sincerely any and all involved in getting this material into this rory fanatic's hands/ears.

thank YOU!

5 de setembro de 2008 16:43  

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