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Sheryl Crow - Hits And Rarities

Sheryl Crow - Hits And Rarities - 2007(RS)

Gosto do som dela... e só!

I like her music.. that's it!

01. All I Wanna Do
02. My Favorite Mistake
03. Soak Up The Sun (Album Version)
04. Always On Your Side
(Featuring Sting)
05. The First Cut Is The Deepest (Radio Edit)
06. Everyday Is A Winding Road (Album Version)
07. Try Not To Remember
08. Leaving Las Vegas
09. Strong Enough (Album Version)
10. If It Makes You Happy (Album Version)
11. Run, Baby, Run
12. I Shall Believe
13. Light In Your Eyes (Album Version)
14. C’mon C’mon [Corrs Version (no pennywhistle)]
15. A Change Would Do You Good
16. Wildflower (Album Version)
17. Sweet Child O’Mine (Rick Rubin New Mix)
18. Tomorrow Never Dies (Full Length Version)


01. Run, Baby, Run (Live)
with Eric Clapton & Orchestra
02. Chances Are (Non-LP Version)
03. You’re An Original (Live From Budakon)
04. The Difficult Kind (Live From Budakon)
05. Where Has All The Love Gone (Acoustic Version)
06. Steve McQueen (Live Radio Portugal)
07. Riverwide (Live For Wise Buddah)
08. Everyday Is A Winding Road (AOL Live)
09. Subway Ride
10. Leaving Las Vegas (Live From Budakon)
11. Safe And Sound (Live From Budakon)
12. Keep On Growing


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